No two decors from Krank Animations are the same.
You need a decor for your film, stage play or festival?
Come and have a chat with us.

Our decors are fully custom-made. From mini decors for stop motion, to maxi decors for a live action film or event.

We turn initial ideas into a sketch or scale model. We only continue when it clicks for both of us.

The result?
The ultimately striking decor.
You can tell a great deal just with small props.

Krank Animations makes props out of wood, metal or plastics (polyester, foam, latex, ...).

We chisel and plane the prop to perfection making it indistinguishable from the real thing.

Or make it appear wildly artificial.

We can immediately incorporate our props in your film or advertisement. Or by blue screen during post-production.

We can then visualise any conceivable fantasy in an original way.